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More patents invalidated in court;

Fewer patents issued by the Patent Office.

Although not necessarily the goal, any effective patent reform will necessarily have these results.

America Invents Act (AIA)

America Invents Act (AIA): A Failure by Any Measure

AIA Documentary History

Suggested Reforms (in draft)

Patent Litigation Reform

Patent Prosecution Reform

Retooling Patent Law

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Patent Reform

Posted: 2012-08-07 | Last revision: 2012-08-07

In March/April, I wrote the articles linked/listed in the sidebar concerning why AIA was useless and then I quickly wrote up some of my own rough ideas for what might be useful patent reform. A lot of it was based on a slowly boiling anger over (1) the completely mismatched hype for what the AIA was going to accomplish; and (2) the completely mismatched descriptions of what changes the AIA actually makes.

Most of the articles here need updating (and straightening), but I'm keeping them up on the web for anyone who might find any use for any of it. Any.